“Natural Assets”

The Orangery Gallery

320 Onslow Road

Shenton Park, WA

This exhibition is a collection of paintings inspired by the beautiful and important aspects of nature that we take for granted. Nature in the urban environment is becoming scarce. We are demolishing precious blocks of natural bush and removing established trees and plants to make way for theatre rooms and air-conditioning units. Trees and areas of bush need to be treated as assets not as expendable- once it’s gone you can’t get it back and it has a huge amount of value.

In this exhibition I want to express how important nature is to our health and general well-being as well as providing us with the clean air that we breathe. It’s so basic I don’t really understand that we don’t get it.

While painting for this exhibition I have been observing not only the plants but the insects, animals and birds that rely on these areas of bush and trees.

This exhibition also extends to the coast, the complex and resilient plants that grow in the sand and support our amazing beaches.