Rowena Keall Walsh

Rowena Keall Walsh is a Perth based, West Australian landscape artist. She grew up in Perth and later in her high school years her family moved to Augusta in the South West. After dabbling in fashion and graphic design Rowena went on to complete fine art at Claremont school of Art. She majored in sculpture but later discovered the pleasure of oil paints.

Rowena has a very strong and close connection to the natural landscape and feels passionate about nature and the impact that humans have on the environment. Her love and concern for the natural world is expressed through her tranquil sometimes evocative semi-abstract landscapes. The paintings are made up of carefully selected base colours in thin layers. The detail is then etched and scraped back into the final layer of paint revealing the colours below giving the works depth and points of subtle detail.

Rowena’s earlier paintings have naturally evolved from aerial based landscapes to zooming in on the subject and depicting the fine intricacies of West Australian flora. The detail draws the viewer into the painting rousing curiosity therefore bringing us closer to the subject.


“Through my paintings I would really like to bring people closer to nature, to appreciate and respect the amazing qualities that it has to offer our society”.

CV April 2019 RKW