I’m very excited, sad and angry about my next exhibition. This show is going to be about the terrible development and destruction at Point Peron.

Early in the year some friends of mine asked me to do a commission for them of the view from their shack at Rockingham. They told me the sad story of how they were going to lose their shack that had been in the family for over 60 years (and I mean a shack, asbestos 3 room shack) because of a development that was due to start. So I went down to have a look and fell in love with the place!

45 minutes from Perth this little gem of a place surrounded by bush and beach an incredible marine sanctuary that is to be destroyed and replaced with a housing and canal development. Now, everyone knows that these canal developments don’t work! They stink, don’t flush properly and upset the ecological surroundings. The people don’t want to develop it they want to protect it and turn it into an eco park. Watch this space.